REVIEW AND SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: “Get Naked in the Kitchen” Cookbook for FREE


The Project Healthy Mama Fitness challenges have come to an end.  I am going to stop posting them daily, probably until the New Year, when we will do a new set of fitness challenges.  Thanks to everyone who participated and I encourage you to keep it up.  That being said, I hope that Project Healthy Mama inspired you to bring fitness back into your life in a more practical way.  If you did most of the challenges, I salute you.  If you did some of the challenges, I salute you.  If you did one challenge, I salute you.  Heck, if you even thought about doing one of the challenges and then never got around to it, I still salute you.  I know how hard it is as a mom to fit nutrition and fitness into your lifestyle.  I hope you’ve seen that if it’s easy and practical, it’s totally doable!  Project Healthy Mama isn’t a monthly challenge, it should be your lifestyle.  I try to make healthy choices and stay active on a daily basis.  I hope you do too. 🙂

All that said, I was lucky enough to get to review an awesome new cookbook written by certified Nutritionist, Briana Santoro.  As soon as I started reading it, I knew it was right up my alley and was a great fit for Project Healthy Mama.  Her recipes are full of wholesome and delicious ingredients and are easy.  In the last few months, I’ve been using a lot more healthy alternatives, such as coconut oil, quinoa flower, cauliflower pizza crusts, etc.  I find that once you start introducing healthy alternatives to your recipes, it’s hard to go back.  Partially because you realize how delicious (if not more delicious) the meals are, but also because you feel so much better after eating a nutritious meal….especially if you’re a nursing mama or cooking for your kids.  I truly believe that food is our fuel and love Briana’s concept of the “power of food”.  You don’t think of food like this normally, but with the right recipes, you should notice a difference in how you feel.

Healthy and delicious recipes are hard to organize altogether when you have a link here, a printout, a text from a friend, etc.  “Get Naked in the Kitchen” is a collection of exactly the kind of recipes I am looking for, all in one sleek cookbook.  I love everything about this cookbook, from it’s sassy name to the whole concept of “undressing your food”.  I am all about eating clean and including wholesome ingredients, but sometimes you get sick of the same old recipes and are too tired to dream up new concoctions.   This book let’s you still include healthy meals into your busy lifestyle, making them easy and fast…and fun.  There are even healthy baking recipes!  It is full of great and nutritious recipes that offer up easy substitutes to pack more nutrition into every meal.  I know how picky kids are, so a lot of the recipes allow you to sneak in some amazing and healthy ingredients, without them even knowing.

“Get Naked in the Kitchen” offers up a nice personal touch.  Briana tells a story with each recipe and includes a photo.  I also love the little tidbits of nutritional information, telling you why the ingredients are so good for you.  These are the kinds of recipes that totally fool people into thinking they must be bad for you, they’re so good.  I am going to post some of my favourites, as I try them.

I contacted Briana and she has kindly offered up a free digital copy of the book to all of you, prior to it’s release. 

Click here to download yours now and let me know what you think. 🙂  Have fun getting naked in the kitchen ;).


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